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News from KV for 2020

Dear colleagues, Let me comment on the situation regarding KV 2020. The proposal was submitted to the company at the end of September and since then we have not commented anything regarding KV. In this moment, that we are in the second...

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How does KPD work?

Dear Colleagues, Colleagues, Trade Unions Because we do not quite good understand the issue of KPD, we gave it to our lawyers to prepare a document for easier understanding of the issue. We would like to share this information with...

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Collective bargaining has started in TPCA

Last week, collective bargaining began at TPCA in Kolín. The most powerful trade union organization in TPCA, called OÚP, has already announced, that the negotiations will be tough. Labour unions submitted a common proposal for the...

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Collective negotiation

On 26 September 2019, we submitted a proposal for a collective agreement for 2020. We know this is a very ambitious proposal and we will do our best to fulfill it as much as possible. Thank you for your support, OÚP negotiation team...

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Salaries comparison in Automotive

Dear colleagues, unionists. It is approximately two months, when the company communicated to you through GL, in which it reports and compares its results with other automotive plants in the Czech Republic and abroad in 2018. OÚP at...

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Goodbye letter

GAME OVER Colleagues, friends, some of you know that I have resigned and therefore I would like to write, what I have to say before my leaving. It will be longer, so I will try to divide it into chapters. It will be stories as examples...

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From last week

Dear colleagues, on 30th April 2019 we met all the representatives of the OÚP (including the shop representatives) with the company, where there were a lot of topics on the program, but unfortunately we only went through three topics –...

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Letter to the company

Dear colleagues, we have concluded a part of the explanation with the company, whether to partially release the chairperson OÚP or not to release him, and send the final decision and our statement to the company, see the following...

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My release

Dear colleagues, trade unionists, so far, I have not responded to the company’s statement of „My TPCA“ regarding the termination of releasing of union chairmen and the savings which will be reach. At first I had to read it twice...

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Dear colleagues, unionists

Dear colleagues, unionists, last week I sent you, among other things, information about my termination of chairman of OUP and lot of questions followed. And here is the answer: For a long time I was dissatisfied with the...

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