Dear colleagues,

on 30th April 2019 we met all the representatives of the OÚP (including the shop representatives) with the company, where there were a lot of topics on the program, but unfortunately we only went through three topics – shifts of maintenance, cooling in production halls and working calendars.

As far as the shift of maintenance is concerned, it has been presented a study where the essential point is costs and the solution to ensure the maintenance and operation of the technologies. It was said that due to the current and probably future volumes will nothing about the maintenance shift be changed and the current work schedule for all maintenance work at TPCA will remain the same. We are very pleased that TPCA has concluded to this finding and nothing will change in the future.

Cooling for production halls. This situation is still not clear. We know that air-conditioning has been found in the paint shop and now its repair should be in progress. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion about the impact on employees, which will in the future be associated with various changes and modifications. I suppose, that if it works for many years in other companies, there is no reason not to work in TPCA at the paint shop.

For welding shop will be purchased mobile air conditioning units and the testing will begin in real process. Since no one has experience in this area, it will required for employees to have the maximum of patience and cooperation. This is a new thing and it is need to fit the details. Furthermore, of the OÚP from the welding shop, was made a request for lightweight clothing for the welding shop logistics.

Assembly and neighboring spaces. No crown will be invested here, no air conditioner unit. The unsystematic nature of the company over the last fifteen years is shown here. It is planning to make STDs to when and how to ventilate during the night shift, who will provide it, etc. The air exchange technology units on the roof will be painted with reflective color against the sunlight, it is thinking about the location of fridges with cold drinks, and in this case I hope that the production will be stopped for a refreshment. Another point on Tuesday’s meeting with the TPCA management was the point of the production calendar and the terms balancing period and calendar year. And here the emotions grew and there was a stalemate because of the understanding of Saturday’s production in December. The representatives of the OÚP strongly opposed the explanation of the company and mainly against the way of presentation on MNG communication . It is clear that both the employees and the OÚP have interpreted the December shift differently than TPCA management and in the end everybody agreed that. In the words of Mr. Kiml: „Now we have to choose the best of two wrong solutions“. The TPCA management is preparing another update of the calendar and promised to apologize for the poor presentation of the December shift and explain it. At the next meeting in May, the OÚP will try to agree with the management to establish a clear guideline for changing shifts and describing terms, as it is clear that understanding can be different and it sense of purpose and does not contribute to a good atmosphere between employees.

If the OÚP negotiating team find some interesting datas regarding wages in Czech companies, I will not prevent them to publishing them, even if I did not have any reason to dispute anything on 20th February 2019. The company has created its own data and the data published by us is from an independent source. If the company has some objections, they do not have to blame me, as the chairman, for the OÚP as the sources are known and they are published. Obviously, the company knows more than the sources listed here and therefore they contradicts them. It is not true that the chairman does not communicate with the company and refuses to attend meetings. It is necessary to say, that OÚP is not subordinated to HR and therefore, by both-sided agreement and explanation of the topics in advance, me, vice-chairmans and shop representatives are willing to meet, as the last time on 30. 4. 2019. Since I did not proceed to the so-called partial releasing, which I informed the company several times, I do not apply to the company rules for partially released officials. Furthermore, I communicate with the company according to their email, which I received from HR.

Here I am attaching it:

“Within working hours is not possible to do any activity for the trade unions, including e-mail correspondence, etc., without requesting release for this activities. The reason for approving the release will be evaluate and subsequently will be decide whether the release will be realized, eventually whether with wage compensation or not.“

This statement received only the chairman of the OUP, the other two chairmen of the Trade Union Organizations cheerfully communicate with the company during their working hours. Therefore, we take TPCA’s actions as bullying and it does not provide the same conditions for the work of all trade unions, which should be legally obligatory. So what does the HR complain about? So who is lying here or telling untruths?

Visit to TMUK – at the meeting with the company I clearly refused this trip, because I do not see any positives for do it and if they have a crystal ball for KV in TPCA in England, so let the send it to us, we´d love to look into that. There is a meeting minutes and there it is clearly written that I have refused this trip. I have a feeling that on HR are wrongly transmitted information, or they deliberately creating their own. The company is constantly saving and we offer them the resources for this dismissed trip and we hope it will be uses for investment to employees.

In conclusion, the OÚP invites the TPCA management to correctly interpret the published data and to inform the employees objectively. At the same time, it refrains from publishing false negative and inaccurate statements against the OÚP.

Yours sincerely, Petr Biba